Saturday, 7 December 2013

Tis' the season

If you're like me, most likely you're racking your brains out thinking of unique Christmas gifts for your friends and family. I'm an advocate for sentimental, meaningful gifts, which is always much more demanding to execute, so to fuel your imagination, here are some novel accessories that would add quirk to anyone's stocking.


Ice Cream Socks
Alien Socks

$h!T **** Socks


HUF Socks (Mens)

HUF Socks multicolor (mens) 


Fashion Killa
The Mob Boss
Straight Outta .com/pton

Band Tees

Biggie Smalls

Daft Punk

The Strokes
The Black Keys
Tame Impala
The XX
The Arctic Monkeys (or well... Alex Turner)
These are just some prompts based off what I would probably get my friends or appreciate receiving (the key is to get their favorite band on a tee). However, no gift is complete without a bona fide card! Show some love guys - DIY a Christmas card from collaging all your shared memories and write a saccharine, cringe-worthy message to wish them "Merry Christmas". If these gifts exceed your budget, don't even stress! The best gifts I've ever received came from the heart, like a mixtape, a hand-picked selection of movies and books, but most importantly a CARD!

Christmas is all about giving love, and receiving it in return.

Good luck Christmas shopping!


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