Sunday, 22 September 2013



Eek! Has it been nearly a month? Apologies for being MIA, I guess it's become an immutable habit... but with reason! Behind the screen, I've actually fractured my patella (a.k.a. kneecap), so I'm currently hobbling around with crutches looking a little less alluring than Smeagol on janitor duty. Alas, no outfit posts for the time being, which is a bummer because I've been planning to team up with a certain photographer to amp up my OOTD's. But no worries, I will find another way to entertain the masses in the meantime!

A little update - I chopped off my hair! Although it's not as bold as a pixie-cut or such, this is the shortest it's been since... 2007? Back in the days of bad hair decisions and taking waaaay too many embarrassing pictures. It's a little strange having half of my hair gone, but it's refreshing for something new every once in a while, and long hair is becoming a little over-rated.


Anyways, there's a monster typhoon on the horizon, so for fellow HK readers, stay safe and keep your fingers crossed for an extended weekend!



  1. nice haircut! it really fits you

  2. YOUR HAIR OMG. i love it! i wish my hair was as flawless. and i hope youre doing fine. and be careful! <3

    love always, Ena

  3. You got some pretty gorgeous and sweet stuff up on your blog [: I love reading your stuff!
    Can't wait to see more from ya haha [:

  4. I just found your blog and fell in love with it:))
    Huge regards from Lithuania, by the way I liked your instagram too:)