Sunday, 22 September 2013



Eek! Has it been nearly a month? Apologies for being MIA, I guess it's become an immutable habit... but with reason! Behind the screen, I've actually fractured my patella (a.k.a. kneecap), so I'm currently hobbling around with crutches looking a little less alluring than Smeagol on janitor duty. Alas, no outfit posts for the time being, which is a bummer because I've been planning to team up with a certain photographer to amp up my OOTD's. But no worries, I will find another way to entertain the masses in the meantime!

A little update - I chopped off my hair! Although it's not as bold as a pixie-cut or such, this is the shortest it's been since... 2007? Back in the days of bad hair decisions and taking waaaay too many embarrassing pictures. It's a little strange having half of my hair gone, but it's refreshing for something new every once in a while, and long hair is becoming a little over-rated.


Anyways, there's a monster typhoon on the horizon, so for fellow HK readers, stay safe and keep your fingers crossed for an extended weekend!


Saturday, 21 September 2013



Developed a bit of a crop top fetish after seeing so many appear on the SS'14 runway, it's nice to know this 90's trend is staying for another round. So here's a couple that I wish would magically appear in my closet.

P.S. If anybody knows a good Balenciaga crop top (middle left) replica, please leave a comment below! I've been looking all over for one but can't find a good structured one :(

Have a lovely day everyone and don a crop top!