Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What's in my bag ?


Thanks to the lovely folk over at JumpFromPaper, I received the quirkiest bag in my life (as well as the sweetest note written on the back of the acrylic logo cut-out)! Their infectious boldness and creativity inspired me to write a clichéd "what's in my bag?" post. So behold, the contents of my bag exposed for your viewing pleasure:

1) Everything-I-need-to-not-look-awkward-in-public iPhone + eternally tangled earbuds a.k.a. the Apple grab 'n' go.
2) A less than flattering packet of tissues, but a necessity none the less.
3) Fun fact: I've never chewed gum in my life (actually I tried it once but spat it out immediately), ergo mints have become a staple in my adolescent life (and handbag).
4) Honestly, sunglasses are only in my bag during the summer when the glaring sun decides to blind you... but since we're being honest, the reflective lens also makes me feel a little cooler, and who doesn't want to seem cooler when the sun comes out?
5) My loyal ragged wallet that's been thrown, kicked, abused, chewed on by my dog etc.
6) A habit from my childhood that induced an introversive period in my life. Handy for family dinners and avoiding small talk. Advice: take advantage of the backpack trend to hoard these!
7) Usually I'd carry a mini makeup bag if I'm out the whole day, but anti-shine powder and (two types of) lip balm are sufficient for a summers day.
8) ... Okay this isn't typically in my bag, but it was in there when I emptied it's contents. At least I'll have a healthy snack ready if I'm surrounded by packets of processed junk!
9) Pen + a wad of sticky notes. My little notebook is currently camouflaging in a hoard of other miscellaneous items on my desk that I'm refusing to acknowledge exists... so this will have to suffice.


And don't worry! A new outfit post is in the process of being dusted off and polished for its debut. So for now, here's a little sneak peek of Bart Simpson.

Have a lovely week everyone!


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  1. I'm so in love with your sunglasses!!!!! x