Friday, 23 August 2013

Twist & Shout

Image from Instagram
Image from UNIF

Images via Tumblr

Space buns... corn rows... twists and turns. Personally I adore the look of space buns, they're grunge in a quirky way that will either make you look super cool or be prepared for your friends to be reluctant to be seen with you in public. It's an eccentric way of getting that hair out of your face when you're doing art or other laborious work instead of a banal ponytail. But it's a fine line between looking like Chun-Li from Street Fighter and looking like a UNIF poster girl. Fall is the season of messy unkempt braids and fishtails, but instead of the generic mermaid fishtail, try incorporating little braids into tousled twists for a more boho vibe. I've also been digging cornrows. Although I'm terrible at corn-rowing my own hair, I gave it a shot (refer to the shady photobooth collage below). It's a spunky alternative to pinning back your hair and shaving the side of your head (which I've been thinking of doing). Cornrowing the side of my hair in the meantime would be a better decision for me and my parents apprehension.



  1. LOVE IT BEA! I'd love to try that hairstyle but i think id seriously look like a dog with a cool hairstyle. well at least its cool right? haha lol.

  2. Ah I love it! You can tots pull all of that hairstyles! Babe alert!! <3

  3. the hairstyles are very cute *_*your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too. keep in touch!