Monday, 29 July 2013

Where is my mind

My mind's recent wanderings (yes, an inspiration post)
Lounging in the sun in monochromatic Balenciaga (Favorite collection by far).
Eyebrows. Big beautiful natural brows.
Substance abuse clothing.
Kiko Mizuhara's instagram, her choppy hair, and that Acidic crop top.
... because who doesn't love kittens?! Especially on a pig pillow
US Vogue August 2013 Edition's spread featuring models and their kids. The cutest thing I've seen in fashion.
JOURDAN DUNN. Ultimate babe.

Denim, monochrome, and boots-with-everything-and-anything OOTD.
& Congratulations to the royal family on their new baby! Notice something different? (*chuckles behind computer screen*)

Images via Tumblr

Happy Monday everyone!


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  1. Kitten! <3 *.*

    Now I want to dress all black and grungy, great! :D