Saturday, 1 June 2013

Blanc on blanc

(image from @Dylanlex on Instagram)

Images via Tumblr

White on white is a classic that makes a recurrence every summer - symbolic for a clean slate, a fresh start, whether to your wardrobe or life in general... or to simply complement your new tan. Since this trend is based on a shade, it's incredibly versatile, ranging from sheer to geometric. Depending on your style, you could either look dainty and posh like Posh (har-har) or sheer and diaphanous for the sultry and bohemian at heart. Personally, I've got my heart set on a pair of white Vagabond sandals (that despite all my efforts, seem to be unattainable), which is how I would accompany this summer trend. Regardless of where you draw your style-spo from, white on white will enhance any outfit, promising an edgy fresh look. Just remember to take it easy on the burgers or any other greasy foods that could slip and slide down your ivory shirt!

Have a lovely weekend!


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