Saturday, 3 November 2012

Guiding light

(images via Tumblr)

Sweater season is finally here in Hong Kong, which means my beanies and chaquetas can finally come out of the closet without feeling too absurd. I've always had an affinity for asian models, if the constant appearance of Liu Wen and Sui He on tumblr are any indication. Recently I've been obsessing over Xiao Wen Ju, for her fragile and child-like air; I'm loving the spiral of Chinese models on the catwalk! Of course, maxi dresses and jumpsuits are always a fall lust. Tweed is slowly growing on me, and I love Balenciaga's boxy jacket. Whenever inspiration lacks, I can always count on Alexa Chung (in fact I wish I was her) I tend to perceive her as a 'fall icon', maybe it's the way she looks or her style just appeals to me more during this time of the year. Vampy lips are the one thing I've been looking forward to adorn, I've always felt paired with subdued sultry eyes, it becomes the epitome of fall beauty. Ultimately, the one thing that's been inspiring me is fitness! I'm the ne plus ultra of sloths (slow, lazy creatures), but I've resolved to practice a healthy way of living i.e. eating right, exercising, no junk food. It's hard, but I'll give it a shot anyways! 

Maybe one of these little things will be your guiding light too!

xoxo Beatrice

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  1. I just saw that first picture sitting there in my dash LOL and I just had to click it. Gotta love sweater season though <3 and yes yes yes I've definitely been noticing a whole whirlwind of Chinese models recently (Xiao Wen Ju has got serious charisma, yet she can look so innocent too). As for exercise, I'm going to (finally) start exercising... tomorrow.

    Holding off on the ice cream is so freaking hard. :c

    Good luck!