Thursday, 29 November 2012

End of November

I'm a little baffled that it's already the end of November. December is literally around the corner... next thing you know it'll be the zombie apocalypse and the end of the world! Kidding. But seriously, I feel like time is flying by so soon, and I get this agitated gut feeling that there isn't enough time in the world to do the things I want to do. Atrocious. On a lighter note, I thought I'd share this comical little cartoon I found on tumblr, summarizing what the frosty weather does to me every morning. I'm hoping to snap some outfits this weekend at this funk-a-delic music festival, Clockenflap, which would without a doubt freshen up this lack-lustre blog (also excited to see some super-talented-underrated bands perform!!). So if you're going to Clockenflap too this weekend, tweeeet @ me!

xoxo Beatrice

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