Wednesday, 21 November 2012


#BestNightEver. ASOS has made Azealia Banks one of their style heroes for the party season. Firstly let me just declare that I think she's gorgeous, adorable, and wicked cool. So I'm pretty psyched that I'll be seeing her performing at a music festival in Hong Kong next month (more on that later though). I heard her music and I didn't catch onto it at first, but she grows on you, and after watching her music videos I gotta admit I love her partly because she looks amazing. Now I love her sense of style, and these are what I'm loving from her picks - 

(images via ASOS)

Totally quirky and badass. Check her out.

xoxo Beatrice


  1. YES, AZEALIAAAA. I only knew her through that Fantasea mixtape album, but that was just pure amazing. 212 is my fave mv because she looked so fresh and yung ;)

  2. Her style is so cool.