Thursday, 25 October 2012

throwback thursday

So this week marks the one-year anniversary of a very unimaginable encounter, which left me starstruck and senseless - meeting Francisco Lachowski. The jaw-dropping effect I was going for probably won't work if you have no clue who I'm talking about, therefore cue the crash course! Francisco Lachowski is merely a male model, however an extremely attractive male model and probably one of the most 'tumblr-ed' faces. Hailing from Brazil, he is a concoction of Portuguese, German, and Polish. Lachowski was discovered through the modeling contest Supermodel of the World   and since then has been signed to Ford and other modeling agencies. You can stalk him more here. but I think that's enough of me sounding like an encyclopedia, just to finish off here's some photos of him.

(photos via

Back to my incredulous encounter: I was on a service trip to Bali with my school around this time last year, and when we were at the airport on the last day, my friend (who funnily enough I've gushed about Francisco with on the trip and share an admiration over how well he pulls off the 'shirtless' look) looks over to her side, and spots a tumblr-familiar face walking over, and shouts, "Beat! It's Francisco!" Sure enough, lo and behold there is Francisco! Like many hormonal teenage girls, I turned into a bug-eyed fangirl and leaped over luggages to take a picture with him and stuttered over words of "hi ohmygosh". Unfortunately, the photo turned out horrible, but surprise again, he was on the same flight as us to Hong Kong, en route to London! On the plane, my friend and I even tried to sneak a peek in business class to see if we could get another photo, but turns out he was sitting a couple of rows behind us in coach, so luckily we could get another (better) photo with him and met his girlfriend, Jessiann. Just to add a cute little detail - I walked by later on and saw him chuckling at Modern Family (that cutie).

Francisco + Jessiann, and me... looking terribly awkward.
And that's my story! Yay for throwback Thursdays and Francisco Lachowski!

xoxo Beatrice


  1. aah you lucky thing!-xo

  2. That was a plot twist I wasn't expecting. *O* ASDKASDK SO LUCKY (he's so damn hot)!