Thursday, 11 October 2012

my hair lady

Please excuse my pathetic attempt at a pun using My Fair Lady, but hopefully you'll be able to deduce that this post is about... (drumroll please) HAIR! Like many of you fine ladies out there, I get bored of my hair style easily. We all want hair we don't have and that is a common truth, girls with beautiful curls want pin straight hair and vice versa. A vicious cycle, I know. Over the summer I tried something new and mildly daring - I bleached the back layer of my hair and dyed it purple after being tempted by all the candy-colored hair flooding my dashboard on Tumblr. But the summer is gone and fall is nestling in comfortably, and I'm frankly kinda bored with this bleached patch of hair... now I'm considering shaving a small side section of my head OR leaning towards a more conservative look, long thick bangs. What do you think?

(Via Google image search)
(Via - Olivia Lo is the way to go
A photo of my hair during the summer! It looks burgundy/plum-ish here

Till next time!
xoxo Beatrice

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