Saturday, 13 October 2012

i got SEOUL

Ok, maybe my awkward attempt at puns is turning into a bad habit. BUT I will be on a week-long hiatus (not that it'll make much of a difference to my lack of posting) as I will be going to South Korea for the first time! I'm extremely excited as my friends know I have an infatuation for all things K-pop and Korean cuisine; I went through a serious phase of K-pop-obsession-disorder, and unfortunately still am a dedicated fangirl for some bands... let's just say old habits die hard. 

(images via Google image search)

I can't wait to visit this bustling city, and indulge in some kimchee and bulgogi. Wish me luck that I'll bump into some K-pop idols ;) Hopefully I'll come back with some cool souvenirs and nice snaps of my trip that I can share with y'all!

Have a great week everyone!
xoxo Beatrice

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