Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Hey everyone! Once again I apologize for disappearing off the face of the earth (or at least the internet), but since school started I've just been caught in a whirlwind of tedious errands and I haven't found time to take pictures, or prepare an interesting blog post in between running from class to class. 

HOWEVER just as a little update on what's been going on with me, (other than school, which I'm sure none of you want to hear about) I've recently developed a new love for German rap... strange? I think it's just a phase, but I'm always listening to this artist - Cro (check out his soundcloud here) and his beats are just addicting! Check out Easy, Meine Zeit, Hi Kids, Du, and Kein Benz. Although I have no idea what he's saying, I still love it! Which I guess is one of the reasons why I like it, it just proves that the music itself is good and the credit isn't solely given to the lyrics :)

I've also created a couple of DIY's recently, so I'll hopefully be creating a post for that soon!

Talk to you guys soon!

xoxo Beatrice

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