Monday, 10 September 2012

fashions night out

(Photos via Nick C., Zoe S. & Natalie C.)
(I recycled all their photos, I own none of them! :( )

Last Friday I had the opportunity to check out HK's Fashions Night Out at Lane Crawford with my friends, and it was really a night to remember! (I wish I stayed longer) Exhibitions of designers were put up, and there was a special appearance from The Naked and Famous designers! Exclusive FNO tees and leather harnesses were up for grabs but I missed the chance to get one, which was a big regret. It was an unworldly experience and it was super cool meeting other fashion bloggers and a couple of notable figures in the HK fashion industry (i.e. Sarah Rushton, Kazuaki Kawamitsu). Check out my friend, Zoe's video of the event over at Fashiononymous (click here for the blog post!). It was a spontaneous decision to go to FNO, but I'm glad I went and will definitely be looking forward to next years! :)

xoxo Beatrice

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