Thursday, 6 September 2012

fall in love

(images via Tumblr + Lookbook)

Hello! A bit of a long post today to make up for the diminishing updates, but I just wanted to share some looks that I've been falling in love with for Fall (thumbs up for being pun-ny). I can't wait to break out the pants, sweaters, and my denim + camo jackets! Too bad it's still considerably hot to start working my pants and beanies, but I'll definitely be including some pieces into my looks. Jac Jagaciak looks perfect as usual, so I couldn't resist adding her in, as well as Miss Kershaw whose dark lips and neutral eyes are the epitome of Fall beauty. 

xoxo Beatrice


  1. Cool shots. Looks like u made them yourself. Can u tell me where I can get stuff like this? Especially sweater with a cross on it with the beaded collar. Amazing! Incredible post

    1. Thanks but I own none of these photos! I don't have an answer as to where you can get these things, but you could google it! As for the sweater, it's taken from this blogger, Bebe Z, and you can check out the look here :