Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Top - H&M
Lace shorts - Alfie Rose
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk
Spiked headband + bracelet - thrifted

Going back to basics with an all-white outfit, but spiking things up a bit with a headband and matching bracelet to go with it. I rarely wear my Night Walks when I'm out and about in the city but I wore them to my brothers high school graduation and recieved a couple of really weird yet pleasant conversations with some of his teachers about them - one coming from a science teacher who used "Now explain to me the physics behind those shoes..." as a conversation starter. Jeffrey Campbell never fails to turn heads. 

On a side note, it's been almost two weeks since I last had internet (I'm in Italy now!) and although I love taking time away from the computer and enjoying summer, my conscience reminds me that I have a blog to run. So here is a much delayed post, and since I don't know if I'll internet in the near future, I'll leave you with this and a wish that you're all happy + healthy and being you!

xoxo Beatrice (Don't forget to hype ++ follow!)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

summer lustin'

Maybe it's the whooziness of the summer heat, or maybe it's just all the sales I've been seeing around, but I'm lusting over the accessories that makes a girl spend and splurge!

Shoes via Solestruck
Sunglasses via Retrosuperfuture
Closet via IKEA
Floral headbands & Chocolate via Tumblr
Finger chain bracelet via Etsy

And yes I'm aware that a closet and dessert don't count as accessories, but I really need a more organized closet space! I'm desperate here :( and I just couldn't resist adding that cup of chocolate heaven to my little wish list. I'm also seriously in the mood for shoes, I've been stalking shoes for the past week and I know that there are way more shoes that I'm lusting over, but I think it's best for my mentality and wallet that I don't look at them. But even so, what do you think of them??

xoxo Beatrice