Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Hey everyone! Sorry to keep you hanging, but I've been out and about for the past few days so it's been hard to update my blog. I went camping last weekend, which was torturous during the hikes but fun in the end. I had to hike through rain, shine... and rain again. But now that I'm back in civilization, it's the final week of school, meaning spirit week and the summer blues! By summer blues I mean the tears and reminiscence that follows during the last few days of school, where friends go off to other schools or countries and it's simply the end of another year of fun and games. So, I've been busy being the enthusiast I am and dressing up for spirit week, whilst saying goodbye to a couple of my best and closest friends as they go off to boarding school :( So I'm sorry to say I'll still be a little quiet for the next few days, but I'll prepare something to be put up asap!

Lots of love!

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