Friday, 29 June 2012

national anthem

OKAY before you curse me for listening to Lana Del Rey, firstly I'd just like to say that I do like her music but I have to agree that she has a... strange way of singing live. Now aside from her singing, I'd just like to share this video that's FILLED with eye candy - Lana playing Jackie O with her man JFK (who is soo dope by the way, I really can't think of another word right now but he's so cool). I adore the whole retro 60's vibe Lana Del Rey carries, and I love her hair, eyes, nails, and of course her outfits - magnifique! I even love her pretend-children! They're adorable. I even thought the whole instagram-esque cinematography was cute. I literally loved everything and there's so much eye candy... so much style... I'm drooling with lust, I think I might be stealing a few looks from this video.

Summer's in the air and baby heaven's in your eyes~
xoxo Beatrice

Thursday, 28 June 2012


Image via Harmeet Kaur

This summer I'll be traveling quite a bit! So I may be on and off the computer, though I'll probably try to stay off and enjoy these sweet summer days/daze. On the agenda, we have South Africa! A bit of Cape Town, Johannesburg, and the Sabi Sands! It'll be my first time going to South Africa so it should be memorable. Next up is Italy, ciao bella! I'll be visiting Venice and Milan, also an un-ventured land so leave me a comment below for sites to see, places to eat, shop, or just walk by! After that I'll be heading to the lovely London, and the town of Oxford to soak in some knowledge during a short study course. I'm psyched to visit all these new places, and hopefully meet some new people along the way. I'll be sure to share as much as I can with you guys! But first, if anybody has any recommendations for places to check out in any of the mentioned venues, please leave a comment! I'd be so grateful and I'll love you forever :)

Take care!
xoxo Beatrice

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Jean jacket - secondhand + DIY studs
Shirt - Warehouse
Red shorts - Zara

I thought I'd hop along the internet bandwagon and aptly name this outfit post in honor of one of Lana Del Rey's songs - "Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn..." etc etc. But taking a twist on things, I'm referring to my denim or jean jacket, and not the pants sort. So in my attempt to put the jacket into the spotlight, I just paired a simple white shirt with a little knot alongside these high waisted red pants that have been sitting in my closet for eons. Speaking of my closet, I recently cleaned it out for probably the first time since going into middle school but I never realized how hard it is to throw out clothes! I feel like each piece holds sentimental value and brings back memories of when and where I wore it... but let bygones be bygones! I must make way for new bits and pieces or at least just make way for extra breathing space.

Until next time! Hope everyone's having a great day :)

xoxo Beatrice (Don't forget to follow ++ HYPE on lookbook!)

Monday, 18 June 2012


Top - United Colors of Bennetton
Lace skirt - Pink Martini
Hat - H&M

Hey everyone! It seems like ages since I've made an outfit post, and I'll admit that June's been lacking in ideas for blog posts. This was my first time wearing the lace skirt, and I love that it's a maxi, yet doesn't make me feel like I'm dressing above and beyond my years. Plus, the lace gives off a boho summer time feel! Pairing it with the lilac top makes the outfit look sorta romantic don't you think? Do you lilac it? And the hat is there for good measure.

I hope everyone's having a great week! I've just started my summer holidays, and so far it's been spent with the incomparable company of my friends and nights I wish would never end. But also on my checklist of things to do includes cleaning (and revamping) my room, reading mountains of books, and of course keeping The Asian Wallflower fresh. 

xoxo Beatrice (Don't forget to follow + hype!)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

glittering dresses

Now that summer's here, I bet that everyone's got some parties or dinners to go to but here come's the problem when the dress you have does not rise to the occasion. I've been dreaming of floaty sweet summer dresses to wear, but unfortunately there is a lack of that department in my closet. However thanks to the likes of online stores like  gives me hope and makes finding dresses for all occasions so much more easier! Be sure to check out the gorgeous collection of cocktail dresses at, featuring styles and cuts to suit every taste.

Here are some of my picks from the site

And to any of my UK readers, be sure to check out the exhibition of ball gowns at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Kensington Palace! Both exhibitions go on for several months, so there is plenty of time to feast your eyes on the glittering dresses and sweeping gowns the collections have to offer.

Talk to you guys soon!
xoxo Beatrice

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Hey everyone! Sorry to keep you hanging, but I've been out and about for the past few days so it's been hard to update my blog. I went camping last weekend, which was torturous during the hikes but fun in the end. I had to hike through rain, shine... and rain again. But now that I'm back in civilization, it's the final week of school, meaning spirit week and the summer blues! By summer blues I mean the tears and reminiscence that follows during the last few days of school, where friends go off to other schools or countries and it's simply the end of another year of fun and games. So, I've been busy being the enthusiast I am and dressing up for spirit week, whilst saying goodbye to a couple of my best and closest friends as they go off to boarding school :( So I'm sorry to say I'll still be a little quiet for the next few days, but I'll prepare something to be put up asap!

Lots of love!

Monday, 4 June 2012


Hey everyone! So as some of you may know (if you read my last post), I had prom on Saturday evening, and it was a blast! I'm still exhausted from that night, but it was definitely one for the history books. Every single person was dressed to the nines, I don't think I've ever seen my classmates look so beautiful and it was great being in the company of such hilarious people. Below are a couple of photos if you'd like to check them out! && just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts recently - thanks for sticking up with me and my procrastination tendencies! 

Have a great day and stay healthy! 
xoxo Beatrice