Thursday, 10 May 2012


Collar - DIY
Cropped sweater - Moms old Escada sweater DIY-ed cropped
Lace Vest - Japan
Lace shorts - Beijing
Nude wedges - Repetto

I just realized how non-specific my description of the clothes I'm wearing are (apart from the shoes). Sorry about that! It's just that when I travel I don't really know what the name of the stores I go into are, and usually the clothes don't have a label on them... but putting that aside! This outfit was inspired à la the movie Clueless with the best of the 90's. There was one scene where Alicia Silverstone was wearing a cropped sweater with a long sheer top underneath, and instantly my subconscious began piecing that outfit together with the shambles in my closet. I had an old Escada sweater that my mom gave me, but the length was just awkward, so I hemmed it into a crop top! Step one completed. Then I realized I didn't have a long sheer top... but a sheer lace vest! I wore it underneath and secured the two sides together with a safety pin (wouldn't want the wind causing a disaster). The lace shorts blended seamlessly with the make-shift top, making it a pretty nifty spring look with the layers of lace and slight sheerness.

Anyways I'm really looking forward to the weekend, I'm ready to rent a couple of good movies and lie back with some popcorn and m&ms. Do you guys have any good movie recommendations? 

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  1. great outfit! nice blog,follow you now

  2. such a lovely outfit:) I love the shorts.