Thursday, 3 May 2012


Photos via Google

Hailing from the shores of South Korea, Hyoni Kang is no new-comer to fashion. This 5"10 giant won the Ford Supermodel of the World contest back in 2008, but I've never really followed up on her until recently. If you're an Internet troll, or just someone with a lust for Nastygal or Minkpink, you may have seen her in the Minkpink x Nastygal campaigns with her vibrantly colored hair. I think she's absolutely adorable with her quirky poses and expressions (which i love)! But she also shows that she can work the editorial front with her porcelain look. Off the pages, Hyoni's street style is pretty noteworthy, working with sophisticated to laid back chic. I think she's pretty unique and her quirkiness definitely stands out, so I think I'll be clicking that "track" button on Tumblr for Hyoni Kang.



  1. these photos are so pretty! for her to be almost 7 ft tall it doesn't really show in the pictures:)

    1. haha i can't imagine anyone being 7 ft tall kashara!! :P