Monday, 28 May 2012

art walkin'

oil on aluminium


mosaic portraits

made out of a recycled tyre!!

can you read this? ;)

awesome perspective painting

realistic oil portrait!!


Here's a couple of photos from the Hong Kong Art Fair '12 last weekend! There were so many captivating pieces, and some that made you think. The creativity that artists have is truly inspiring and genius. There were quite a few pieces that played on perspective and 3D art, but there was a series of artworks that were just creepy - a life-sized (and realistic!) model of a nude grandma sleeping... and breathing! There were also animal versions, but it creeped me out a little too much so I didn't stare at them for too long. 

I've been fairly sick for the past few days, so hopefully I'll get better soon because prom is this Saturday! I'm really excited, and I'll post pictures and all that jazz when I can :)

Stay healthy everyone!
xoxo Beatrice