Tuesday, 10 April 2012


images via Tumblr
Inspired by these two lovely metallic/leather pleated skirts, I decided to make my own! A while back I went fabric shopping with my mom, and she spotted out this really cool metallic/liquid leather looking material, which I used to create the skirt. Thus I now have a metallic/leather-looking pleated skirt, that I can incorporate into my looks!

Cut-out coral shirt - Nasty Gal
Skirt - DIY
Creepers - Style Nanda
Studded bracelet - Forever 21

The hardest part about making the skirt was getting the pleats down! They're still a little reluctant to stay put so it'll take a bit more ironing to get it right.

Hype it if you like it!

xoxo Beatrice (Feel free to comment if you have any questions about the skirt!)


  1. great skirt! Must've been difficult to sew cuz the fabric is so thick!