Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wooly Mammoth

Yesterday the weather was bright and sunny, today it was like "lol, jk" and went back to being dreary. Today I went fabric hunting with my mum, and we found some lavish colors and textures. I also found studs!! Which was a highlight of my day (apart from a Korean lunch), I learnt that the stores that sell them are called haberdasheries... in case anyone like me didn't know. So I'll be doing some DIY in the near future! Keep your eyes peeled! With spring right outside the door, I just couldn't resist wearing my velvet dress before it gets too hot. To keep warm, I wore this beige knit with faux fur lining - it reminds me of a wooly mammoth. I was also looking for some grey socks, but I couldn't find any.... so I had to resort to these polka dot socks, strangely it doesn't look too out of place.
Velvet dress - Nastygal
Knit fur coat - Zara
Creepers - Style Nanda

Bag - Pull and Bear

Have a great weekend! I hope the weather doesn't fluctuate so much wherever you are!

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xoxo Beatrice (Don't forget to hype + follow!)


  1. pretty dress! and about the last DIY post it was nice! xoxo from egypt.

  2. beautiful textile mix! The fur and knit are just amazing!

  3. You look very the sleeveless trim furr hoody..LUSH LOOK!x

  4. i love your outfit, your style is really cool :) x

  5. Cool outfit! Dress is really pretty!