Friday, 2 March 2012

DIY collar

Here's a little DIY inspired by one of my style craves! I've been lusting for a detachable collar with cute details. It's really easy, and I admit that I cheated a little... I had an old shirt with a collar that I've never worn (and never planned to) so I decided to make use of it instead of it lying around in my closet. The collar was already stitched, so I could just cut it off the shirt without worrying about it fraying. I sewed on little fake pearls to give the collar some detail, but I couldn't find my white thread, so I had to use black... I added on a little clasp at the front so I could easily attach and detach the collar for any outfit!

I hope you guys like it! I'll definitely be wearing this soon. Have a great day!
xoxo Beatrice
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