Saturday, 31 March 2012

chit chat

Hello readers! This is kind of a random post, but I thought I'd at least update the blog with what's been going on with me, myself, and I. First off, my ankle has been getting better so I'll be able to wear wedges and heels again soon! (yay) Secondly, the highlight of my week, or rather what's engulfed my thoughts and time, has been... THE HUNGER GAMES. It may not surprise people, since it's been taking pop culture by storm for a while, but I started reading the first book last weekend and now I have to pace myself through the last one because I know if I read it all in one go (which I'm aching to do) I'll be depressed that there's nothing left to read! The plot is so gripping, and I'm a sucker for love stories. I also went to see the movie with my brother, which wasn't too bad! Are any of my readers Hunger Games fans too? I also love how there's so many jokes on Tumblr regarding the Hunger Games hype, all those jokes about Peeta and Katniss (click here for one of the funniest ones i've come across). Finally, I'm also on my Easter holiday, which means I can kick back, relax and run through a list of things I should do a.k.a. blog more.
Anyways that's about it for me... I'll put up an outfit post soon but in the meantime, here's a picture of my dog wearing my DIY collar :)

Happy hunger games! And may the odds be ever in your favor...

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Monday, 26 March 2012


Spring has officially arrived and it's time to whip out those pastel and sheer outfits! And I'm back with a much delayed... outfit post :) I picked up this blouse from Zara's s/s collection, and the sheerness and teal color make it such a staple piece for spring! Paired with another sheer white skirt, this outfit is really dainty and soft. One of the things I've started to do with my accessories is stacking my rings. I prefer gold over silver, so I picked up a stack of these at H&M for a bargain price, along with a pair of blue crochet flats. I sprained my ankle a couple of days ago, so no heels or wedges for me! Easter break is coming up so hopefully I'll get to blogging more!

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xoxo Beatrice

Friday, 23 March 2012

Heads up!

Hey everyone, just a heads up! I'll be changing my blog name to The Asian Wallflower, which means the URL will be changed to I'm changing the name because I want the name of my blog to be a bit more personal, and though Style Pockets will always be remembered, I think I'll be happier with The Asian Wallflower. So if you suddenly see a post from The Asian Wallflower, don't be alarmed! It's just me with a different name :) I'll be making a new banner too to match the name, so keep an eye out!

xoxo Beatrice

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Monday, 19 March 2012


Hey everyone! I haven't been getting around to posting much this week, but here's what I've been up to..... a little DIY! I'm really loving studs and spikes right now, and I bought a couple of my own a few weeks back. After gazing longingly at denim studded jackets, I decided to stud my own, and here's the final product :)

To be honest, I bought the wrong type of studs, and if you're out buying studs you should keep in mind that the backing of it should have four sharp points, and not a screw because those are for leathers and not fabrics (trust me it'll make studding your jacket so much easier). If you wanna watch the tutorial I used click here!

I had some leftover studs, so I also made a cut-out-shoulder shirt. I got the idea from one of my springspirations, and it was really easy to make!

If you wanna make your own cut-out shirt, here's the tutorial. Anyways if you like the jacket and the shirt, try it yourself!

Have fun studding

xoxo Beatrice

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Quick mud cake!

So today I was craving a little chocolate dessert after dinner... and I don't know about you, but I keep a folder full of baking recipes on my laptop :) and amongst the list of delectable treats, I found one called "90 second Nutella cake"! I decided to give it a try, but unfortunately I am no pâtissier, and the cake came out... deformed, but still delicious! Keep reading on if you'd like to try it!

What it should look like...
- 1 tablespoon (or more) of Nutella <3
- 1 egg, beaten (I used egg substitute)
- 1 heaping tablespoon plain flour.
- 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
- 1 teaspoon cocoa powder
- 1 tablespoon brown sugar

Don't forget a bowl and measuring spoons!


1) Whisk all the ingredients together until well combined.

2) Pour the batter 2/3 of the way into a lightly buttered ramekin or mug or bowl or any microwavable cake holder.

3) Microwave on 70% power for 30 seconds. At the end, check for doneness. Make sure the outer part is cooked with the inside still gooey! If it's not cooked enough, add 15 seconds at a time.

Mine overflowed... and deflated....
Voilà! You have a quick, yummy Nutella cake! Keep trying to get the right cooking time, I know mine didn't turn out so lovely... Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post, click here for the original recipe! I know this isn't fashion-related but hopefully you guys don't mind me mixing it up a little!

It's been a pretty busy week for me, so I haven't been on the computer much, but I will definitely put up pictures of the past few days as soon as I can!
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xoxo Beatrice 

Sunday, 11 March 2012


 (Above 4 photos via Zara)

(Above outfit photos via Lookbook)

 (Photos via Google &

(Photo via Lookbook)

Bits and bobs of some spring time inspiration (Most of the photos are from Tumblr). Pastel colors are one of my favorite things about spring, and they also remind me of macaroons (which i love) :)

Here's a little tune I'll leave you with that lifts the mood for spring/summer.
Click here to play music 

xoxo Beatrice 
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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Braids, braids, and more braids! It's classic and cute. Everyone loves to braid their hair. There's so much hairspiration out there on the streets, in magazines, and the internet, but as you admire the weaves of hair, you have to ask.... HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! Have no fear, if you're like me and are always scouting for new hairstyles to work, I've found a couple of handy dandy tutorials that will vamp up your hair.

Upside down French braid donut bun style - 

This hairstyle alone is quite the show-stopper, but it takes tons practice to braid upside down.

Braids 101 (click here for the link!) -

This post is a life saver! It teaches you how to fishtail, French braid, waterfall braid and all these other braids that are stunning. It's like the holy grail of hair tutorials. Have fun with it! Try out the rockstar braid, because that looks amazing.

Hair tutorials on Youtube -

Check out this hair guru called Lilithedarkmoon (link here!) She does a great job at showing a variety of hairdos for short and long hair. You can easily find inspiration on her Youtube channel, and also re-create them with your own beautiful locks.

I hope this post helped those that are looking for hairspiration or hair tutorials! It's always nice to try a new hairstyle and rock a new look, so go forth and braid, curl, twist, etc!

xoxo Beatrice

Monday, 5 March 2012

DIY Turban Headband

Please excuse the quality, i have no idea how to upload videos properly!

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xoxo Beatrice
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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wooly Mammoth

Yesterday the weather was bright and sunny, today it was like "lol, jk" and went back to being dreary. Today I went fabric hunting with my mum, and we found some lavish colors and textures. I also found studs!! Which was a highlight of my day (apart from a Korean lunch), I learnt that the stores that sell them are called haberdasheries... in case anyone like me didn't know. So I'll be doing some DIY in the near future! Keep your eyes peeled! With spring right outside the door, I just couldn't resist wearing my velvet dress before it gets too hot. To keep warm, I wore this beige knit with faux fur lining - it reminds me of a wooly mammoth. I was also looking for some grey socks, but I couldn't find any.... so I had to resort to these polka dot socks, strangely it doesn't look too out of place.
Velvet dress - Nastygal
Knit fur coat - Zara
Creepers - Style Nanda

Bag - Pull and Bear

Have a great weekend! I hope the weather doesn't fluctuate so much wherever you are!

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xoxo Beatrice (Don't forget to hype + follow!)