Saturday, 11 February 2012

It's true, I crave you

Have I been slacking with the consistency of my posts? I think I might be. I apologize profusely to all my readers! School has been pretty harsh lately, but I'll try to snap more outfits soon! Anyways, during the time that I have procrastinated, I've been browsing on Tumblr, Lookbook etc and I constantly see these accessories and sure enough I'm beginning to crave them. [Crave you (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) - Flight Facilities]

Lennon shades (photos via Tumblr):

Bustier + high waisted hot pants (photos via Nastygal):

 Collar details (photos via Tumblr):

Alexander Wang inspired bags (photos via Tumblr):


 Leather skirt (photos via Nastygal and Shopbop):


 Spiked Headband (photos via Google):

Tights (photos via Tumblr):

Garter-printed tights, not actual garters... that's too risqué for me
I'm hoping to find some bargain duplicates of these, but alas they're just bits and pieces that's next on my list of things to scavenge for. Are any of you craving the same things?

xoxo Beatrice

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