Saturday, 14 January 2012


I am a total twat!! I forgot to pack my camera battery, so I was hauling around my big camera for nothing and I had to use my phone to take shoddy pictures :( Fittings today was really relaxed, there were 3 designers that I visited, each had their own show room and their own models.

First was Craig Lawrence, a British designer known for his knit wear, and one of his models was JIA JING!! Whom I absolutely love! Maybe I'll do a model profile on Chinese models later on. His collection had copper mesh sweaters, a lot of nude and grey colors typical for fall, lots of layering, and the models wore socks over their heels which was really interesting. One of the models was assigned to wear this tiny knit sweater, and she couldn't believe how small it was but miraculously it fitted her perfect size 0 body.

love this sweater

Jia Jing!

Jia Jing right in front! Check out the shoes

Craig Lawrence doing his thing

Model charts done by me :)
Next was a designer from Beijing, Qi Gang. His pieces were very couture and extravagant. He was also so dramatic about the models, he criticized the foreign models that they didn't know how to walk, and made them learn from the models he had brought in from China. It was hilarious. The shoes the models wore corresponded with the pieces they wore, so the model who wore a sequined dress would wear sequined shoes and so on. The pieces were very architectural and avant-garde, a very beautiful collection.

the shoes

freezing models

Reminds me of the Gucci Flora dress

Beautiful dress

Lastly was a French designer named Risto. This fitting took longer than the others because he hadn't decided which pieces to pair together and which model to wear them. He made the models wait for 3 hours! The shoes were kept simple, black heels worn with navy socks. There were lovely feather prints, destroyed sweaters, mesh sweaters, liquid leather maxi skirts and pants, there was a mix of tones for the color palette of the collection. Trench coats were also prominent, as well as COLLARS! But they were printed onto the shirt, which I liked very much.

love the sweater

love the outfit!!

printed collar shirt and a liquid leather trench

Tomorrow I'm off to rehearsals, which are going to be hectic and long (I'll make sure to bring my camera battery this time) for now I'm off to bed! Good night followers...
xoxo Beatrice

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